About The Molson Foundation

We are of service to our community as a federally chartered foundation since 1958.

Our Mission

The Molson Foundation brings together community organizations and institutions from across Canada to shape innovation and create lasting change for the benefit of society. By focusing our impact on the areas of education, health, the arts and humanities, we draw on history to better the future.

Our History

John Molson: a visionary entrepreneur

John Molson, founder of the Molson brewery, came to Canada from England in 1782, at the age of 18. He believed that service to his community was essential for the future of his new country. Institutions such as hospitals, schools, churches, and universities were all financially supported by the family as our country grew and developed.

The benevolent spirit of John Molson was passed on from generation to generation. Today, we support organizations across Canada for the benefit, improvement and development of society, through initiatives in education, health, the arts and humanities.

The spirit of generosity

The betterment of Canadian society was the original mission of The Molson Foundation. Established by Federal Charter in 1958, The Molson Foundation has exceeded $200 million in grants since its inception. The initial funds were provided by the late Thomas H.P. Molson and the late Honourable Hartland de Montarville Molson. Subsequently every generation of the Molson family has participated in maintaining its legacy. We carry on the practice and values of cooperation and generosity established by John Molson so many years ago. Today, we keep pace with the changing and increasing needs of each succeeding generation, always maintaining the principles that are part of our heritage.

Team Members

A volunteer-run Board of Directors and support staff help run our organization.

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