Core Funding Areas

By committing to education, health, the arts and humanities, we aim to reinforce the strength of Canadian communities. The Molson family has a long history of good citizenship. This tradition continues to this day.

We fund organizations working in the areas of education, health, and arts & humanities.

We only make grants to qualified donees under the Income Tax Act of Canada.

We do not generally consider applications for the following:

  • Annual campaigns;
  • Reduction of annual deficits;
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops, fundraising events, i.e. benefit dinners, golf tournaments, etc.;
  • Publication of books and magazines, production of films, videos or other media;
  • Travel or touring expenses;
  • Annual operating funds or other recurring costs, unless directly linked to a project that meets our other granting priorities;
  • Political activities;
  • Religious purposes or activities;
  • Emergency needs;
  • Activities that primarily take place outside Canada.


We support schools and universities, as well as the educational contribution of cultural institutions to our society.

We Support



Special Studies & Projects


We support projects and institutions that advance the physical, mental, and social well-being of all Canadians.

We support

Community Services

Healthcare & Rehabilitation


Medical research

Recreation programs that promote a healthy lifestyle

Youth programs that encourage physical activity

Arts & Humanities

We support institutions involved in the arts and humanities in order to maintain and enhance Canada’s cultural and intellectual heritage.

We also provide funding to innovative projects from other institutions that contribute to the cultural and educational enhancement of our communities.

We support

Museums and the preservation of historical sites

Performing arts